New World

Kara Kara Kimbiay

The wind blows the palms
he was torn from your arms
and he sailed away
the sun burns the sand
you can still feel his hand
as you heard him say
in the words of the islands
I'll return one day.

Kara, Kara, Kimbiay
the stars will guide me on my way
Kara, Kara, Kara Kimbiay
Kara, Kara wait for me
when I return across the sea
Kara, Kara, I'll be back to stay.

The sun disappears
and the sky's not so clear
as he sailed away
the life that you lead's
not the life that you need
you still hear her say
your words are the words
you will hear while you're away.


Where the sea and the sand wash together
you hope to spend your lives for ever
where the sun meets the moon, you'll be together
together again very soon.


There's a light on the sea
and the wind blows the trees
and he's on his way
as you run through the sand
and he touches your hand
you can hear him say: Kimbiay
Kimbiay, I've come back today.


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