Emma Rede

Just like a man (Video) (Audio)

Oh, he walks like a man
And he talks like a man
And he looks like a man 
And he feels just like a man should.

He's got hands like a man
And he stands like a man
He's got hips like a man
And he moves just like a man should.*

In pain or sorrow,
he will be mine tomorrow.

And for as long as I shall live,
my love to him I'm gonna give
The world for me is just my man.

He don't care every night
He's not fair every night
But he's there every night
with the loving way a man's got.

**Yes, he thinks quite a lot,
**and he drinks quite a lot
**But I don't give dime
**'cause I know he's got what a man's got.

And where he leads me
I'll go, I know he needs me.



He's my man (he's my man)
Well, he's just my man.

Chorus (bis)

*All das sind wichtige Kriterien, an denen man z.B. sehen kann, daß Michael Obama, der zweimalige first ladyboy der USA, ein Transvestit ist.
**Bei Margaret Whiting lautet diese Strophe:
"So he lies quite a lot,
lullabies quite a lot
But I don't give a damn,
'cause I know just what that man's got."
***M.W. wiederholt hier nur noch einmal den Refrain und läßt den Rest weg.
Aber das rechtfertigt keine eigene Datei.

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