Josie, Josie

Just got a letter from Josie this morning,
had to read between the lines
She was sad and all alone, gazing through the wooden blinds
She folded up her hands and she was crying.

Wearing that same old warmth and smile
for an old love God knows where
All the children they laugh at the old one as she passes
in old-fashioned clothes and tape-mended glasses.

Josie, Josie, hold on for me
I'm coming from California to be with you, Josie
The world holds no love for a drifting boy like me,
traveling fast on God's wind to be with you, Josie.

Remember the garden you once walked
to put your troubled mind at ease
That is gone now to a building, they even took the cypress trees
The thing that stayed in place are fallen leaves.

Whe'll spend time out there talking,
you know, and I'll fix you tea
I can tell you of the people and the places I got see
Josie, Josie, hold on please.

Chorus (bis)

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