Mimi Roman

Johnny will (Audio)

You said: "I'll get some money and get it right away!"
That's what I'm telling you, and I mean what I say
I'm tired of staying home each night, I've really had my fill
And if you don't take me to the dance next week, Johnny will.

All the other girls I know are going there
And I just bought a new dress I bet I knew to wear
So if you wanna be the guy who is my only thrill,
you better take me to the dance next week, or Johnny will.

Oh, that Johnny, he's too bad, Johnny
And he's trying to keep my loving heart away
Sends me candy, sends me flowers
So the least I figured I could do was smile at him today.

Oh, somehow, someway you had better get that dough,
'cause one way or another I intend to go
You'd better get that check if you expect to be this thrill,
'cause if you don't take me to the dance next week |: Johnny will :|

dal $egno al fine


|: Johnny will :|

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