Pat Boone

Johnny will (Audio)

I gotta get some money and get it right away
Because my baby she gave me the word today
She's tired of sitting home each night, she says she has her fill
And if I don't take her to the dance next week, Johnny will.

I checked and found they're selling tickets at five bucks each
And all that kind of money ain't within my reach
But if I wanna be the guy who is her only thrill
I better take her to the dance next week, or Johnny will.

Oh, that Johnny, that no-good Johnny
He's been trying to steal my loving baby away
Sends her candy, sends her flowers
And I never saw her smile the way she smiled at him today.

I tried to borrow it from my friends but they said "no"
Still somehow some way I just gotta get that dough
My future happiness depends on one ten-dollar bill
'cause if I don't take her to the dance next week |: Johnny will :|

dal $egno al fine

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