The Piglets

Johnny Reggae (Audio)

What's he like, Mavis?

He's a real tasty geezer!

He's grown his hair a bit but it's smooth, not too long
An' he wears a baseball shirt with a number 17 on
He looks great in his big white basketball boots
He's stupid over football, and he looks me in the eyes when he shoots.

|: Reggae, Reggae, Reggae
Here comes Johnny Reggae
Johnny Reggae, Reggae, lay on me :|

He'll always start a fight for me, he's always on the phone
At the dance hall in the evening he'll always take me home
In his fringe and buckle stompers and his two-tone tonic strides
He's a real tasty geezer and I'm his here inside.

Chorus (4x)

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