Johnny loves me (Video)

Johnny L, Johnny O, Johnny V-E-S
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny whoops, Johnny loves me
Johnny C, Johnny A, Johnney R-E-S
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny whoops, Johnny cares
Johnny T, Johnny O, Johnny L-D me
What I've been dreaming of
And he's the boy I'm gonna marry
'Cause Johnny is the boy I love

Johnny is the boy who lives right next door to me
I tried so hard but I thought that he would never notice me
But Johnny took me out last night and underneath the stars above
Johnny kissed me and as he held me tight Johnny told me of his love


Johnny said that he would have told me a long, long time ago
But he was afraid that I would walk away if he ever said "Hello"
If Johnny only knew how long I've been waiting for him to hold me tight
But Johnny said "I love you" when he took me home last night

Chorus (bis)

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