Roberta Flack

Jesse (Video)

Jesse come home, there's a hole in the bed
where we slept, now it's growing cold
Hey Jesse, your face in the place,
where we lay by the hearth
all apart, it hangs on my heart.

And I'm keeping the light on the stairs
No, I'm not scared, I wait for you
Hey Jesse, it's lonely, come home.

Jesse, the floors and the walls
recalling your steps, and I remember too
all the pictures are fading, and shaded in grey
But I still set a place on the table at noon.


Jesse the spread on the bed
is like when you left, and I've kept it for you
And all the blues and the greens
have been recently cleaned and are seemingly new.

Hey Jess, me and you, we'll swollow the light on the stairs
We'll fix up my hair and sleep unaware
Hey Jesse, I'm lonely, come home.

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