Daliah Lavi

Jerusalem (Video)

1. Where the mothers of sons never cease their weeping
Where the fathers of faith in the ground lie sleeping
The seeds of time have a whirlwind reaping, oh Jerusalem is.

2. Where the cobblestones wet with the blood of ages
hear the echo of wheels turning history's pages
the cries of fools still the words of sages, oh Jerusalem is.

3. 'neath an olive tree branch anyone can listen
to the song of songs as the green leaves glisten
A summer rain falls and the raindrops christen what Jerusalem is.

4. And the river runs on and the world keeps turning
and the water's cold, though the sands are burning
The mountains know while we still are learning what Jerusalem is.

5. Oh, when will tomorrow's sons tomorrow's daughters
never taste of the bread cast upon the waters
And put down the sword that performed the slaughters where Jerusalem is?



4. (bis)



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