Clodagh Rogers

Jack in the Box (Video)

Stop! Don't say you'll put me down.
Love, don't go away.
Drop my feet back on the ground,
open your arms, let me stay.

Hold me like you know you should,
don't leave me on the shelf.
Like a doll you throw away,
so sad and lonely all by myself.

I'm just your jack in the box,
you know when ever love knocks
I'm gonna bounce up and down on my spring
A toy you start when it stops,
I'm just your jack in the box
Because for your love I'd do anything.

Who just keeps my heart around
Loves to pull the strings?
You! And when it's upside down
Look at the way that it swings.

It ain't help the way I feel,
it's you and no one else
Calls the tune but all too soon
I'm just a doll put back on the shelf.


La la la...

Hey! Hear what I say
You'll find some day that I've walked away from you.
So say I've got to stay
And from today it's love that's gonna break through.

Hey! Hey!

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