I, I love Verpoorten

I -- I, I, I, I, 

I, I love Verpoorten, come hear me when I'm calling
I don't wanna make a fuss, but maybe I am falling

(Bridge I:)
It's an extr'ordinary thing
It's the quiet themes we sing
Makes you feel just like a king

I, I, I -- I, I, I


(Bridge II:)
Life is just one big caroussell 
Things can all turn out so well
You just have to help yourself
Just separate the music from the noise
Then you can make the choice
You just have to raise your voice

It is so great, it is so good
'cause now I'm feeling as I always longed I would


Bridge I

There's things that are so special in my life
Believe me I now want my life
I hope you keep remembering the game
So once again let me explain:


Bridge II

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