Bobby Bare

I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman (Audio)

I've served my time losing track of the wine,
looking through red eyes at the blues,
holding on till the very last song,
trying to make up my mind who to choose,
chasing a dream in a whisky world,
down the neon avenue.

[And/*Oh/**No] I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman,
but I sure woke up with a few.

Ain't it funny how liquor and the flicker of a candle
make you see it from a different view?


I've met more than one morning lying there,
groaning, crying: Lord, what did I do?
Hanging my head as I slipped from her bed,
trying hard not to leave any clues
When I start out the evening I'm being selective,
but I'll take anything after two.



Chorus* (bis**)

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