Charles Aznavour

It will be my day (Audio)

At 18 I grew restless for the city
I'd see its lights that beckoned from afar
I packed my dreams, assured I'd be successful
I'd sing my songs, I'd soon become a star.

I needed clothes to make the right impression
I bought a suit, the finest tailor-made
Had an act, then designed, with the ladies in mind,
incured the debt I felt would be repaid.

Oh, I'd see my name emblazoned in neon,
the biggest, the best, above all the rest, wherever I'd play
I dreamed I would be acknowledged the greatest,
the cream of the crop, I stood at the top, I was there to stay.

The loveliest girls would gather around me,
with photos to sign, they all would be mine for less than a smile
My curtain would cue resounding ovations
Their deafening roar would ring out for more, I'd go off in style.

For now beneath my make-up my features are ageing
My voice is still there, my gesture's precise, my talent would glow
At times I've had bitterness, for nothing has happened
I've struggled and strived, but never arrived, and I'm still unknown.

And yet I believe that my time is coming
If given the breaks, I've got what it takes to go all the way
Then under my feet the stage would be pulsing
Finally I'd be there in the spotlight's glare, it would be my day.

For 30 years, it's been an endless circle,
I've made the rounds, they always look the same
I sing my songs, but people seldom listen
They never care, for they don't know my name.

To keep alive, I've played the third-rate bookings
I have no choice, I take what I can find:
Sleazy clubs, little pay, easy girls, sleep all day
But in my dreams, I leave it far behind.

I dreamed that I'll be relating the story
of how I prevailed when I should have failed in my quest for fame
I dreamed that I would be enjoying my leisure,
taking life in stride, ladies at my side, oh, I'd won the game!

On opening nights, I'd calmly be reading
the thousands of wires from those who admire my standing alone
The stage lights would dim, the moment would quicken,
my heart in my throat, I'd hear the first note, I'd be on my own.

I tried to find a gimmick to lift me from darkness
I've sung about love, I've tried rhythm songs, a stale joke or two
If everything fails and I'm left in the shadows,
the fault isn't mine, I asked for a chance, but nothing came through.

I've no-one to thank, for no-one has offered
to give me a hand or take any stand, that's out of their way
But deep in my heart, I know that I have it
And I'll get my due life, 't 'll start anew, it will be my day!

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