It was a very good beer

When I drank only one, it was a very good beer
It was a very good beer, the malts would waltz
The hops, would just hop, I'd suck up each drop
It was quenchy fun, when I had only one.

When I drank five or six, it was a very good beer
And such a very good beer my ears turned red,
And my toes would sweat, became Butler, Rhett
Got some real good kicks, when I had five or six.

When I drank nine or ten, it wuzsh a very good beer
It wuzsh a fan-tashic beer, sho mello and schmoooth
Could harly tell at all that it wuz alcohol
I losht the room marked "Men" when I had nine or ten.

Sho, now I pee my shortsh, can't stop the hiccupsh, I need fear
I know I'll think of the wife, and I'll be fine
Jusht can't shtand on my legsh, barkeep', call my schweet Pegsh
thish time tell her I'm here, it wuzsh a very good bee-(hic)-eer!

It wuzsh a messhh a' good beershh!

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