Marianne Rosenberg

It's wrong

|: It's wrong - we can't carry on now love has gone :|

I see your face, I see your smile
You're there in someone else's arms
It hurts inside to know it should be me
And ev'ry night I close my eyes 
and realize it's gone too far
For you and me the dream we had could never be, my love

Another place, another time
Somebody else may change my mind
And take away the tears I try to hide
'cause love is sweet, and love is right
but now I know that love is blind
Who knows, some day, love will find another way, some way


But after all's been said and done
I'm sure you know that I'm the only one
To give you everything your heart desires
But now it's up to you 
Do anything you wanna do
But if you really wanna go, you'd better go now



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