John Barnett

The days of IT support

Computer crash, a helpdesk call
Spoken to by techie Paul
User made out to look a fool
Due to not thinking first

No common sense and lack of wit
watching as the techs fix it
sometimes slow and others quick
as techie's knowledge wins

The days of IT support
Users can be so dumb.

Users can learn to help themselves
By thinking easy stuff through first
Not phoning up the helpdesk when
problems first appear

Press F1 to load up help
Read it first to try and fix yourself
You will learn ready for next time
before you use that phone


Don't call us for a reboot,
change toner or paper jam
If you can do it yourself then
well done, it saves us time.

For doing work where our expertise
can be better used elsewhere,
dealing with problems that
do require the techs.

Users can be so bright.

By applying self help
you can help others and yourself
by letting us do the hard tasks
so users don't you think
that you can learn 'bout PCs
to fix basic stuff yourself
not giving us computer grief
when you can do it yourself.

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