Christian Anders

It's out of my hands (Audio)

It's out of my hands, and deep in my heart
So don't say that you leave me, now is no time to part
It's out of my hands, I'm hopelessly done
Without you here beside me, how can I carry on?

Judy, oh, Judy, I love you, you're my whole world
I'm lost and lonely, I need you only, you are my girl
Judy, those rumors, they are not true
People are lying, oh, they are lying, I love just you
I don't care, I don't care what they say.
Just because I went out that Saturday night and met with Mary 
That doesn't mean a thing, I know her from my schooldays
But Judy, with you, that's something else.

It's out of my hands, and deep in my heart
I can't simply forget you, wouldn't know how to start
Can't you see I'm still the same guy I've always been
I'd never cheat you, I'll always treat you like a Queen.

Without you there's no love, there's no way.

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