Sandy Posey - I take it back

Sandy Posey

I take it back (Video)

Here he comes now
I've got to tell him somehow
I could put it off till later
But it's best I do it now.

Baby, listen to me,
there is something I must try to say
I've put it off so long,
but I've decided that today is the day
My love for you is dying
Oh no, please don't start crying!

I take it back, I didn't mean it
Please forget [the things I said/*what I just said]
I take it back, I'm sorry
I must have been out of my head.

He's such a man,
it must have hurt him a lot if he let me see him cry
But I must try again
This time I'll say good-bye.

Baby, you've been good to me,
you've always been the best you could
So try to understand me now,
the way you've always understood
I can't go on another day
Oh please, don't look at me that way!



Sometimes it's better to be loved
than it is to love.

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