Hildegard Knef

In this old town

Empty paper bags from bread and butter
Crumpled cartons void of cigarettes
Endlessly they drift towards the gutter
Walking down this road I canít forget
In the park I used to pick the flowers
And give mother her birthday bouquet

In this old town I know my way
This good old town of childhood days
Though this old town has seen a change
In this old town I don't feel strange

Quite nearby there used to be a lamplight
By a lover's seat where young girls hoped
That someday they'd find a shining love-light
My first love turned out to be a joke
All at once I felt the urge to wonder
Came the dawn and I was far from home

But this old town when Iím alone
Is still the town that I call home
Though this old town has seen a change,
In this old town I donít feel strange

Standing, waiting in some railway station
Who said itís a gateway to the world?
When I reached my latest destination
Then I knew the whole trip was absurd
Not until some lonely nights of sorrow
Did I know that Iíd come back to stay


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