Malcolm Higgins

In stilettos

As she eats her fries
on a cold and windy chigago night,
she is workin her walk on the stroll tonight
in stilettos

she's unsanitized

but if it's one thing we don't meed more,
it's a hooker on the street with a wet cold sore
in stilettos

people you don't understand,
this pretty girl can use her hands
or she;ll be out here walking till the break of day
she'll be wanting you and me
to have a good time for a fee
but we simply turn our head
and look the other way.
as the worm turns
and a runaway girl with an infectious smile
tries to get a date for a little while
in stilettos
and her anger burns
when she learned how to walk the streets at night
and she learned how to hook
how to do it right
in stilettos

and then one night in exasperation
the young one lasts till day
she has sore feet, she starts to limp
she asks for a cornpad from her pimp
as he laughs she cries
and the crowd gathers round this sexy young lass
with a feather boa, leather, and a wiggling ass
in stilettos
she's unsanitized
on a cold and windy chicago night,
she will walk her piece of road in the pale moonlight
in stilettos

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