Inside looking out (Video) (Audio)

Fifteen hundred miles is a long, long way
And I wish that I could be with you especially today
Standing right beside me is a man with a gun
And he's waiting for the chance to shoot me down if I should run.

'caus' I'm on the inside looking out
and don't you know there's nothing I can do.

Yes I'm sitting on the inside looking out
And I know that time is slowly running out.

I've been here for seven long years doing time
And I just can't take much more of this, I'm gonna lose my mind
Standing close to me the warden looks me in the eye
I can hear him saying, boy, you're gonna be here till you die!



As I write this letter there is something you should know
It's to tell you I don't think that I am ever coming home
So when you receive this note don't bother to reply
'cause I don't want you to waste your life the way I've wasted mine.

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