Claude François

In my memory

There's a little shack on the edge of town.
just a little shack, kind of tumble-down
But it used to be our secret place,
where we used to meet every night.

Those broken walls saw the* first embrace,
saw me kiss your lips and caress your face,
and the whispered words as we fell in love
saw me reaching out to dim the light.

And now, in my memory,
I see you, standing there with me
Though our love wasn't meant to be,
you are with me still in my memory.

Ah, but all to soon I was called away
And I promised you, I'll be back some day
Then we settled down on the edge of town
But I stayed away too long.

I sent word to you I was coming back,
said we'd rendez-vous in the little shack
As I reached the door, this is what I saw
Just a note that said you were gone.

Chorus (3x)

*Das ist Lübke-Englisch - hier muß zwingend das Possessivpronomen stehen, also "... our first embrace"! Man frage mich nicht warum, es steht in keiner Grammatik, es ist insbesondere kein Körperteil involviert; aber Sprache ist nunmal nicht logisch ;-)

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