Joan Baez

I never will marry (Video)

They say that love is a gentle thing,
but it only has brought me pain
And the only boy I ever loved
has gone on the morning train.

I never will marry, I'll be no man's wife
I expect to live single for the rest of my life.

The train pulled out and the whistle blew*
with a low and a lonesome song
He's gone, he's gone like morning dew
and left me all alone.


There's many a change in the winter wind,
and in the clouds' design
There's many a change in a youg girl's heart,
but never a change in mine.

Chorus (bis)

*damals war das noch ein ganz unverfänglicher Ausdruck, der wörtlich zu nehmen war; erst später nahm er die Bedeutung "verpfeifen" im übertragenen Sinn an.

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