Paul Anka

I never knew your name (Audio)

Although we've never, never danced,
I loved you with just one glance.

You were dancing, I was glancing
as you passed me on the floor
You saw me glancing, but you kept dancing
out of the room and through the door.

I beg your pardon, but in the garden
he placed a flower in your hair
But when he kissed you, oh, how I missed you,
wishing that I were there.

Then I dreamed upon a star,
wishing I was where you are,
how I thought the day would never come.

And when I thought that I was fist,
all at once my bubble burst,
and I was standing where I started from.

To my regret, dear, we've never met, dear
But I love you just the same
Although he've never danced
I loved you with just one glance
And I never, no I never knew your name.

La la la...

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