Joe Dolan

I need you (Video)

My love is as high as a bird in the sky,
and I need you
My love's gonna last till the day that I die,
for I need you.

I'll never say "no" to the love that I've known, 
making me feel so happy inside
A heaven I've found, it walks on the ground, 
and I need you (fine)

What more can I say, 
for with each passing day, girl, I need you
My love grows and grows, 
and my feelings I show,  for I need you.

Oh don't ever go, for I want you to know 
that without you I'd die down inside
Stay with me tonight, everything is alright,
and I need you.

I need to know, that you won't go
I need to know it tonight,
while the stars are so bright in the sky.

da capo al fine (bis*)

*Beim zweiten da capo werden die Zeilen 1-4 durch ein Instrumental ersetzt.

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