Grace Jones

I need a man (Video) (Audio)

When I'm feeling lonely,
someone telephone me
It's getting hard to pass my time
Take me out a-dining
Watch me while I'm smiling
Baby, it's a waste of time.

I need a man, perhaps a man like you
I need a man to make my dreams come true.

Say that you will find him,
creeping up behind him,
ruling round the town all day
Well, I'm underestimated,
hardly underrated
Can't there be another way?

I need a man, perhaps a man like you
I need a man, to make my dreams and I need a man
And then [I won't be feeling/*at night I won't be] lonely,
knowing I'm the only one
He'll understand all that I'm feeling deep inside me,
knowing that at last he's come.

Oh well, oh well...

Well, getting tired of looking,
wasting all my cookin,
ending in a dreadful rile
Can somebody tell me,
say to me or spell me
why I'm feeling lonely, why? Aow!


Maybe that I'm dreaming
Can't say that I've seen him
Somehow I've just got to find
someone understanding,
long enough to hand him
all that I've built up inside -- the man!

Perhaps a man. a man like you
to show me what to do,
to make my dreams come true
I need a man, perhaps that man is you -- you!

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