Mo Casal

In Deinen Augen

In Deinen Augen, can see me through the night
In Deinen Augen, I never need to hide
You can see so much in me, so much in me that's new
I never felt until I looked at you.

In Deinen Augen kann ich mich seh'n
So wie mich kein and'rer sieht,
was mit mir geschieht

In Deinen Augen kann ich mich seh'n
Feuer, das Dein Herz entfacht,
Bilder meiner Leidenschaft,
die sie von nun (...)

In Deinen Augen, the nights are never cold
You really know me, that's all I need to know
Maybe I'm an open book because I know you're mine
But you won't need to read between the lines.


In Deinen Augen, only for you
The passions that collide in me
The wild abandoned side of me
Only for you, In Deinen Augen.

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