The Hollies

I'm down (Video)

(|: Ha ha ha ha :|)

Shook my head out of dreams, reality's calling
The early bird's been up all morning
But I've got no notion of moving from where I am
Though my legs won't move, I feel disabled
I'm on a shelf, an article labeled
Waiting for someone to fetch me from lost and found

I'm down, no one to hear me calling
I'm down, no one to see me falling
I'm down...

Had my ways with days of sunshine
Life came easy, it all fell in line
But then again I didn't realise
When you're used to one thing it's hard to accept another
Like the woman who brought you up, well, she ain't your mother
How do you cope with a thing like that?


I always thought it was my dad who went to war
Thought it was my sister who fell off the wall
My pseudo-brother Billy emigrated long ago
Someone went through pain to have me,
someone I should know

I'm down... I'm down...

To the folks who brought me up I'm not ungrateful
Kept the secret from me, they thought it was shameful
It hurt me so to be the last one to know
Maybe someone's out there looking for me
Left on their own, couldn't afford to clothe me
And I, I don't even know my real name


I'm down... I'm down... I'm down!

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