Margie Rayburn

I'm available (Audio)

*Do wee do wee do...

Well, I'm available to hold you tight
Ah, I'm available for Saturday night
Ah, I'm available and willing, it's true-u-u,
available to fall in love with you-ou-ou.

Well, I'm available to take a chance
Ah, I'm available to start a new romance
I'll be agreeable, 'cause I'm hoping you-ou-ou
will be available too-ooh-ooh.

My heart tells me that you need a little love
So let's get started, 'cause that's what I've plenty of!

I'm available for you to take me home
Ah, I'm available for sitting all alone
Well, I'm available for a kiss or two-ooh-ooh
My lovable baby, I'm in love with you-ou-ou!

*Do wee do wee do...

*Das bedeutet heute: "Mach doch mal Pipi!" Keine Ahnung, welche Bedeutung es 1957 hatte, als dieser Song herauskam; wer es weiß, möge mir bitte mailen.

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