Grethe & Jørgen* Ingmann

I loved you (Video)

I loved you in the springtime,
when all the world was dressed in green
I dreamed of a lover, and you were the lover 
I saw in my dream.

I loved you in the summer
when all the world was dressed in blue
I wanted the kisses, the kisses I wanted 
were those that I wanted from you.

Lovers love the autumn
and the days of red and gold
But when you left me in the autumn
then the days were oh so cold.

I waited through the winter
when all the world was dressed in white
When I saw the spring, I knew it would bring you back
And I was right.

Love is strange, very strange
It alone has the power to change
Change a tear to a smile
Turning sadness to joy for a while.

Time and the seasons, they come and go
I'll always love you, for I know, dear, yes, I know
|: I was right :| I love you!

*Der wird zwar ständig als Gesangspartner aufgeführt; aber tatsächlich begleitet er sie nur auf der Gitarre.

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