Alexander Curly

I'll never drink again (Audio)

Good morning, morning, what did you say?
Should I feel strong and healthy today?
I know my face looks almost green
It's quite interesting where I've been.

God, I don't remember where I went,
or how much money I must have spent
I don't suppose that it was a bit
Still got a feeling that I'm going to vomitt*.

I'll never drink again
I'll never smoke again
My throat is dry, my eyes are red
and there are needles inside of** my head
I'll never drink again
I'll never smoke again
I'm sick of cigarettes and beer
I'll stick to goose blues*** all year.

My head is turning around
(|:) Don't make a sound (:|)

Who was that girl, what was her name?
Well, it don't matter, 'cause they're all the same
She had a smell of garlick, how could I be pleased?
She could have surprised me with a disease.





Chorus (fade)

*Er betont das tatsächlich auf der 2. Silbe, also schreibe ich es mal so ;-)
**Das ist Lübke-Curly-Englisch; das "of" hat hier nichts verloren.
***Auch das ist kein Englisch - jedenfalls nicht, wie es im Wörterbuch steht. Gemeint ist "Gänsewein" im Sinne von Wasser, und dafür sagt man im Englischen "Adam's ale" oder "Adam's wine" ;-)

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