Jan Hayes

I'll learn to drive

First you were afraid, you were petrified
Kept thinking you could never teach me nicely how to drive
But I spent so much on lessons thinking where did I go wrong
So you came along, thinking Ďwot a carry oní

Reversing back into a space
And when I tried a 3-point turn I saw you cover up your face!
I should have started off in first, I should have pressed down on the brake
If I hadnít changed to second Iíd have missed that stupid lake

You cried ĎDonít goí, then screamed ĎNo moreí
Just turn around now, else youíd jump out of the door
Werenít you the one who tried to teach me how to drive
You said donít fumble, and donít do more than 25!

And I did try, tried hard to drive
As long as I looked at the road Iíd keep us both alive
I mixed third up with fifth and you lost the will to live
but I will drive, Iíll learn to drive - one way

It took all the skills you had not to fall apart
Kept trying hard to teach me not to stall on hill-starts
And how to pull off at the lights and not to wander right from left
You used to cry, you used to pray to God on high

Now you are free, Iíve passed my test
Iím now officially allowed out with all the rest
And you donít sit upon my left and grip the dash in blinding fear
Cos now Iím driving on my own now, can you hear me crunch the gear!?

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