Petula Clark

I know a place (Video)

Every day when the work is behind you
and the shop and the store put the lock on the door
Just get away where your worries won't find you
If you like, well, I'll tell you more.

Don't let the day get the better of you
When the evening comes, there's so much to do
You'd better put on your best and wear a smile
Just come along with me a while -- 'cause I tell you:

I know a place where the music is fine and the lights are always low
I know a place where we can go.

At the door there's a man who will greet you
Then you go downstairs to some tables and chairs
Soon, I'm sure, you'll be tapping your feet
Because the beat is the greatest there.

[Well*] All around there are girls and boys
It's a swinging place, a cellar full of noise
It's got an atmosphere of its own somehow
You gotta come along right now -- 'cause I tell you:

Chorus (fine)


dal $egno al fine*


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