Sioux Denim

If you want my reasons

You can't comprehend how somebody else
Can hold views different from your own,
You think anyone is a moron who's not
Your ideological clone,
I suggest you get over that attitude
Because I'm far from alone,
If you want to know my reasons, I'll give you just a few
Why I'm not a leftist like you.

How can you say you're for children, and then
Abort over a million a year?
How can you claim to be tolerant when
You censor what people speak or hear?
Why, when you encounter opposing views,
Do you answer with hatred and fear?
I'm just beginning to explain to you
Why I'm not a leftist like you.

For 70 years, you fought anything that
Gave captive peoples hope to be free,
A six year old boy is kidnapped and drugged
And you say "that's just fine with me",
You "care" for the poor by locking them in
To a cycle of dependency,
So, "Tongs but no Tongs", STD, Norm Johnson too
I can't be a leftist like you.

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