If you hear a bam at Dennys

If you hear a bam at Dennys
Old Emeril ain't the chef
Lately those guns are blazin'
They're shootin' right and left
Hit three in California
And still could be some more
New meaning, now to "Grand Slam"
It's when you hit the floor

Maybe someone burned a breakfast
Or service was too slow
Better wear a vest of armor
If to Dennys, now you go
To test things out, send Junior
On Tuesdays kids eat free
He's not as big a target
And he's insured, you see

If their's slug holes in the windows
You'll know it's just been hit
Take your body to McDonalds
If you're still "Lovin' It"
The cops ain't learned a motive, yet
But, they're sure it ain't theft

Chorus (bis)

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