Suzi Quatro

If you can't give me love (Video)

Well, I've seen you before on that discotheque floor
You were driving me out of my mind
Oh, but I could've sworn that I saw something more in your eyes
Oh, though you were surrounded by beauty unbounded
Your glances intended for me
And though I tried to hide it I found myself looking to see.

So then you took your chances you, made your advances
Your touch took my breath away
But when you said hello are you ready to go
Well, I had just one thing to say:

If you can't give me love honey that ain't enough
Let me go, look for somebody else
And if you can't give me feelings with old fashioned meanings
Then just stay in love with yourself
|: |: If you can't give me love, aah :| :|
If you can't give me love.

Well, you may be a king of this discotheque thing
But, honey, I ain't looking for that
What I need is a man not some sort of aristocrat
Oh, if only you'd waited or just hesitated
Or maybe just asked me to dance
But you really don't know why I don't want to go
Baby, that's why we don't stand a chance.


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