Marianne Rosenberg

I feel so good

I feel so good
I wanna dance all night
[So*] Take me, baby, make me fly

I feel so good,
I wanna hold you tigh
Don't let the music ever die 
Don't let it die!(fine)

I'm in love, everybody knows it's true
Everybody knows it's you
Oh, you, do it to me

Here we go, let your body move with mine
Take me to the end of the line
That's the way it should be



|: I feel so good :|  
I'm feeling... oh

Get it on,
Gimme all the love that you get now
Tell me that we ain't gonna stop now
I feel too good to be true

Can't you see 
You are getting into my soul now
Things are getting out of control now
When I do it with you


da capo al fine

I feel so good
I'm feeling good
Don't let it die, baby... (fade)

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