Vicky Leandros

I enjoy living

Your bags are waiting in the hall
and you said "good-bye"
An empty room and that was all
Life was just a lie
Don't turn around, don't hesitate
You know it's much too late.

($) Life is a carrousel* 
and that's why I enjoy living
Maybe some night I'll still cry for you,
but morning comes with skies of blue (fine)
Don't worry about me
You know that I enjoy living
The carrousel keeps on turning 'round,
and I don't care where's riding bound.**


There was a time when you and I
thought our love would last
But our flame was meant to die,
burning much too fast
Though I regret that we are free,
for sure, my friend, you'll see:


Maybe I'll fall in love again some day
Maybe I'll make it on my own
Life comes and goes, nobody knows 
I love to live my life, la la la...
You know that I enjoy living, la la la... 

My darling

dal $egno al fine

but morning comes with skies of blue
You know that I enjoy living!

*Als ich zur Schule ging, gab es dieses Wort im Englischen noch nicht - es gab bloß "carousal", und das bezeichnete eine Runde fröhlicher Zecher. Karussell hieß "merry-go-round". Erst im letzten Viertel des 20. Jahrhunderts drang dieser Germanismus zunächst ins amerikanische, dann auch ins britische Englisch ein; irgendwie komisch klingt es aber immer noch - jedenfalls in meinen Ohren.)
**sehr freie Umschreibung von "where its ride is bound" ;-)

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