Betty Johnson

I dreamed (Video*) (Audio)

(|: Dream on, little girl :| Dream on!)

I dreamed that I was Queen of France
and at a royal palace dance
I waltzed all night with the Prince of Timbuktu
He praised my beauty to the skies
And when I looked into his eyes
I realized the Prince was just like you.

I dreamed that I was Queen of Spain,
a-sailing on the bounding Maine,
when a lofty pirate ship pulled into view
A handsome buccaneer so bold
encaptured me and all my gold
I let him hold me, 'cause he looked like you.

I dreamed I was Princess of Bombay,
inspecting my army one Monday
A thousand men came marching by
Each looked like you, he twinked his eye
Gee, I wish I could have slept till Sunday.

I dreamed that at my coronation
I shocked ev'ry foreign nation,
giving up my throne to marry you,
'cause I'd be queen of all the world
the day you say that I'm your girl,
(**|:) and every dream I dream (**:|) comes true.


dal $egno al fine**

*ohne die vom Chor gesungene Einleitung - aber die ist eh �berfl�ssig!

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