Tony Christie

I did what I did for Maria (Video)

Sunrise, this is the last day that I'll ever see
out in the court-yard they're ready for me
but I go to my Lord without fear,
'cause I did what I did for Maria.

As I rode into town with the sun going down
all the windows were barred there was noone around
for they knew that I'd come with my hand on my gun
and revenge in my heart for Maria, 
my dearest departed Maria.

Take an eye for an eye, and a life for a life
and somebody must die for the death of my wife
yes |: I did what I did for Maria :|
Laughter echoed across from the end of the street
there was the man I was burning to meet
and my mind was so calm and so clear,
as I took my revenge for Maria.

And he fell to the ground, raising dust all around
but I knew he was dead long before he went down
it was quick it was clean, made it easy on him
which is more than he did for Maria,
when he did what he did for Maria.


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