Chris Rea

I can hear your heartbeat

In the silence of the side street
In the whisper of the night
From the darkness of the empty hours
to the early morning light
From the hustle down on main street,
with all it's lights so bright,
to the trucker on the highway,
Pressing through the night

|: I can hear your heartbeat :|
Girl, the sound of you is so sweet to me

And I'm sailing on your wind song
Oh, I can feel the summer breeze
You've got me walking on my tiptoes
You've got me standing on my knees
From the mills way down in Pittsburgh
to the clubs of gay Paris
Ah, no matter where I roam, girl,
you can always get to me (yeah)



We got freezing Coca-Cola
We got anything you want
I'm moving on that back beat, girl
But it's you that sings the song - 'cause

Chorus (bis)

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