Pia Douwes

I belong to me

I will not give up my own self, just to be with you
I will not be glad just to do what I'm told to do
I'm not meant to be your property
No, I belong to me

If I want to reach for the stars, you can't hold me back
I want to take chances far off from the beaten track
Don't force me to be what I can't be
I belong to me

If you try to take me, I will not obey
I'd rather leave you alone
If you try to change me, I must break away
To be what I am on my own

I'm freezing, I'm burning, I live without compromise
I'm growing, I'm learning, I'm ready to pay the price
So don't fence me in, I must be free
'cause I belong to me


I hate to be burdened with duties that I despise
You know I can't stand to be watched by a thousand eyes
When I see a crowd, it makes me flee
For I belong to me

If you want to keep me, don't hold me so tight
I can't give my life for your love
If you want to break me, I won't even fight
I'll just fly away like a dove

I'm here when you need me, I'll live and I'll die with you
I'll share all your troubles, I'll laugh and I'll cry with you
You can blame me and bless me, but you cannot possess me
'cause I belong to me -- I belong to me!

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