Helen Shapiro

I apologize (Video)

Wowowowow I apologise, I apologise
for the way I let you down
Now I realize I was not so wise
You're the sweetest boy in town.

Wowowowowow, I feel so mean, feel so blue
See the teardrops in my eyes
Yes I knew, yeah yeah, you'd be true
And I apologise.

I'd said that I meet you on the corner
But I fixed another date
And all of the time my thoughts are with you
My heart told me that you'd wait.

Ohohohoh give me one more chance
Yeah, just one more chance
For it's you I idolize
Let me treat you right, every day and night
Oh yeah, I apologize.

dal $egno al fine


|: |: Ohohohoh I apologize :| :|

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