Neil Sedaka

Hungry years (Video)

Girl, we made it to the top
We went so high we couldn't stop
We climbed the ladder, leading us nowhere
Two of us together, building castles in the air.

We spun so fast we couldn't tell
the gold ring from the carousel
How could we know the right would turnout bad
Everything we wanted was everything we had.

I miss the hungry years, the once upon a time
The lovely long ago, we didn't have a dime
Those days of me and you, we lost along the way
How could I be so blind, not to see the door
closing on the world I now hunger for
Looking through my tears, I miss the Hungry years.

We shared our day dreams one by one
Making plans was so much fun
We set our goals and reached the highest star
Things that we were after were much better from afar.

Here we stand just me and you
with everything and nothing too
It wasn't worth the price we had to pay
Honey take me home, let's go back to yesterday.


|: I miss the hungry years :|

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