Marcie Blane

How can I tell him? (Audio)

(Chorus [parlando]:)
How can I tell him I've been untrue?
How can I tell him I love someone new-ooh-ooh-ooh?

We've always been happy and gay*
We've tried hard to keep it this way
That's why it's not easy to say
the things that I must say today.


A soldier he wanted to be
to keep us at peace and be free
Then one day he went cross the sea,
and that's when it happened to me.


I know I was wrong, I'm to blame
I'm sure now that he'll think the same
But love is so hard to explain,
and that's why my poor heart's in pain.


*Das bedeutete 1963 noch nicht "schwul", sondern "fröhlich"!

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