Merry & Pippin

Hot Mustard

Ah ow! Ah ow!

You better beware, you better take care
You better watch that condimentís label there
Your tongue is on fire and you start to perspire
Big glass of water you suddenly now require

Ah ow! Ah ow!

Your mouth is dry - your gasping cries
Opened that little orange package - did not scrutinize
That mustard flows - on burger goes
It feels like flames are coming right out your nose

Why didnít I read the pack? Iím having a heart attack
I only had a little lick - water quick!
My tastebuds are in a fray and much to my dismay
Itís hot mustard!

My heartbeatís out - itís skipping about
Don't know if tongueíll ever be able to heal blisters now
This productís unstable - not properly labled
Iím thinking the roof of my mouthís forever disabled

Up with this stuff Iíll hop and head back to the shop
Got to analyze it now - ow!
Iím takiní it to the lab - I only used a dab!
Of hot mustard!

The lawyers will find a way - they will make someone pay
Gonna get some revenue - I will sue!
Iím wantiní to compensate - melted my upper plate!
Sue hot mustard!

Ah ow! Ah ow!
Hot mustard Ė it's hot mustard
Hot mustard Ė it's hot mustard
Hot mustard Ė it's hot mustard

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