Neil Sedaka

Honey of my life (Video)

Honey of my life, you're on my mind
You're in my soul, and so I find:
Ev'ryday that we're apart
You're part of me, you have my heart

You have made my dreams come true
And I am glad for loving you
You are the sunshine of my day
You are the honey of my life

To hear your voice, to speak your name
To kiss your lips, and then the flame

Honey of my life, you bring me love
You bring me hope, and high above
the heavens smile their light on me
And I am blessed eternally

You are my joy, and day by day
our love will grow in every way

You and I will make it through
And even when your skies are grey
I'll bring you rainbows day by day
You are the honey of my life

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