Jon English

Hollywood seven (Video)

She came in one night from Omaha,
worn out 'cause she never could sleep on trains
She took the bus to Hollywood,
looking for a room in the pouring rain

With hair so blonde and eyes so brown,
she thought she'd take this town and turn it upside down

Well, I was living in a hotel just off Sunset
She moved in across the hall
And she said she'd be a movie star,
and waited every morning for a call

So I asked her in just to have a drink, but she hardly had the time
A call might come tomorrow, she got to learn her lines

On Hollywood Seven, rooms to rent, till your name goes up in lights
Oh, Hollywood Seven, dream your dreams for seven bucks a night

And then the months went by without a job
The money that she'd saved was nearly spent
So she started bringing strangers home,
trying to find a way to pay the rent

Well, she'd sit down and drink my coffee, got nothing much to say
Just busy rehearsing in her mind the scene she'd never play


I found her there one morning,
when she didn't come for coffee when I called
She'd gone and brought the wrong one home this time
There were crazy lipstick marks all over the wall

Now she's going back to Omaha, but not the way she'd planned
There'll be no crowd to cheer her on, no welcome home, no band

Chorus (bis)

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