Joe Tex

Hold what you've got (Video)

|: You had better hold on
Hold on to what you got :|

'cause if you think nobody wants it
Just throw it away and you will see
Someone will have it before you can count 1, 2, 3
|: Yes they will :|

Listen fellows, you know it's not all the time that a man can have a good woman
A woman that he can call his very own
A woman who'll stay right there at home and mind the children while he's gone to work
A woman who'll have his dinner cooked when he comes home
Where some men make mistakes is when they go out and stay
because they feel that no other man wants his woman but him, but listen:

If you think no other man wants her
Just throw her away and you will see
Some man will have her before you can count 1, 2, 3
|: Yes, he will :|

Ha Ha! Listen girls, this goes for you, too
Because, you know, I've seen so many women who've had so many good men in life
Men who would stand by them through thick and thin
Men who would go to work everyday and bring home their hard earned pay
Men who would give their women anything that their little heart desired
Where some women make mistakes is when their men go out and let 'em play
They would stay because they felt that no other woman wanted him but her. Listen:

If you think that no other woman wants him
just pitch him out in the streets and you will see
Some woman will have your man before you can count 1, 2, 3
|: Yes, she will :|

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