Charles Aznavour

Hold back the night (Video)

(|: |: Hold back the night :| :|)

Hold back the night
Make it last at least until forever
Hold back the night
It is ours, we are in this love together

The morning light will break the spell
of all the magic that surrounds us
Here in the dark we both can hide
in the miracle that has found us

Hold back the night
Hold me close, we'll treasure every minute
Let's stop the world
And we'll love like the only people in it

How can I tear myself away
when all that we feel is so right
Because there's no, no letting go
Hold back the night!

I'm so afraid of losing you, and to my sorrow
the thought hangs over me just like a cloudy day
You're in my arms tonight, but can I trust tomorrow?
I wish tomorrow was a hundred years away


dal $egno al fine

(|: |: Hold back the night :| :|)

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